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About Us

We’re Wee Achievers and we’re here to say.

Academic adventures are coming your way!

A place to learn and a place to grow.

Into kindergarten they’ll easily flow.

Learners are challenged to reach personal bests.

To be successful in life, as well as on tests!

Building a foundation; making new friends.

Exploring their world; the fun never ends.

Our hands-on lessons will be remembered through time.

Finding their interests to stimulate each mind.

We’ll do reading, writing and arithmetic.

Learning without knowing is our special trick!

We’ll also do art and music of course.

Fine motor; gross motor; movement of all sorts.

Your child will love to learn in our care.

Learn to solve problems and learn to play fair

Every child will learn, in this we believe.

Lend us your child and “wee” will achieve!

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